All the spontaneous artists presented here are certified by Brasiliana Art Gallery.

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The gallery, located in São Paulo city, was created in 1974, by Roberto Rugiero, the most recognized scholar of folk art in Brazil. Rugiero was the curator or consultant of the most important Brazilian exhibitions of spontaneous art.

Brasiliana is well known among art scholars and collectors for the excellent quality of its pieces, of undisputed provenance. Its collection includes some of the great masters of Brazil.

Brazil has one of the richest spontaneous art productions in the world. It is a country with an immense territory, where each region has its own peculiarities. That singularity produced a very varied culture that surprises for its originality. In over 40 years of activities, Brasiliana discovered, rescued, encouraged and promoted what is most significant in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and playful objects in several parts of the country. The Brazilian spontaneous artists are known by reputable collectors in the United States and Europe.

Museums and collectors from Germany, Belgium, France, Brazil and USA, usually buy art from the gallery. The Cartier Foundation from Paris acquired paintings of Alcides Pereira dos Santos and paintings of Nilson Pimenta, from Brasiliana. The Mehinaku thrones displayed at the traditional Salone Internazionali del Mobile in Milan in 2015 were made by indigenous artists present in the collection of Brasiliana. Very recently, a gallery in New York, that asked to remain anonymous, also bought an Alcides Pereira dos Santos from Brasiliana.

You can know more about the Gallery by visiting its website, accessing or clicking the link under the photos bellow.

Brasiliana Art Gallery