Der Bauhausstil – ein Mythos. (Bauhaus style – a myth.), Walter Dexel, 1964

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There is a lot of controversy on what is the Bauhaus style. A moderate research will reveal that a lot of different concepts, some of them contradictory to each other, were proposed at the original Bauhaus. Also, some ideas considered as Bauhaus were contemporary to the famous German school, but actually never belonged to it.

Fedra’s Bauhaus line design is a very free and spontaneous way to combine geometric forms and organic forms. Inspired by Gropius’ manifesto, it is a mix of modernity with a romantically idealized medieval past. It is the transitional shape between the mystical subjectivism to the machine aesthetic.

The first pieces were created in 1986, following until today.

Prices can range from 200 to 3,500 US dollars, depending on the complexity of the jewelry, materials employed and originality of the design.