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Fedra de Faria

Fedra de Faria is the art dealer of the Spontaneous Art collection of the Brasiliana Gallery. Located in São Paulo, the gallery is directed by Fedra in partnership with the researcher Roberto Rugiero.
She also represents three contemporary Brazilian artists: Ana Tamanini, Céu D’Ellia (who lives in New York City) and Guilherme de Faria.
Fedra travels regularly in the US and Europe, to promote her artists and to contact people interested in their art works.

From a family of artists, created by the researcher, collector and art scholar, Roberto Rugiero, Fedra was born in 1963 and lives with art from an early age.

In the 1980s, she helped organize art auctions and, in this activity, she improved her knowledge of general art, folk art, antiques and furniture. She also started her apprenticeship in the management of an establishment dedicated to this market.

She studied jewelry in the Escola Nova, having as masters the jewelers Ricardo Mattar and Marco Duailibi. Experienced jewelry craftswoman, continues to produce and design jewelry.

Partner of the Galeria Brasiliana from 2003, she had constant professional contacts with several distinguished market names, such as the antiquarian Paulo Vasconcellos and the art dealers Ricardo Camargo and Fabio Cimino, among others. Her contacts also include several of the most important clients and guests in the gallery, among collectors, curators, writers, artists, journalists and intellectuals in general.

The daily conviviality with popular art and the study of this subject, besides visits to museums, specialized galleries, studios, private collections and public collections, both in Brazil and abroad, formed a knowing look and enabled her valuable experience in the areas of art curatorship, assembly, cataloging and management of business in the artistic field, such as editing of engravings, evaluation of works, certification of authenticity, organization of archives and surveys, advice for the formation of collections, survey of works, restoration, administration of Brasiliana’s website, etc.

She was responsible for the assembly of the Brasiliana stand in four editions of the A Hebraica Art and Antiques Exhibition.

Art exhibitions

2003-today At the Brasiliana Gallery she is responsible for the management, setting, assembly and for new projects. She is the producer of exhibitions of the Brasiliana collection in the spaces of the gallery itself and in external spaces, such as other galleries and art fairs.

2019 Attended to the First Brazil Jewelry Week in São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Curation of Mirian Mirna Korolkovas.

2018 Attended to Triennial Jewels of Helsinki, Finland / Brazilian Contemporary Jewels, with curation of Mirian Mirna Korolkovas.

2018 Matter Gemma Exhibition in partnership with California 120 Atelie Schol in the exhibition Joia Contemporânea Brasileira, with participation of 10 jewel artists, including Fedra de Faria, in April of the same year. Galeria Brasiliana, São Paulo.

2016 Assistant curator of Denise Mattar at the exhibition Long Live the Brazilian People. April 13 to June 12, 2016, Centro Cultural dos Correios, Rio de Janeiro.

2015 Collaborator and partner of California120 Ateliê Escola in the exhibition Expontaneus, Contemporary Brazilian Jewel, with the participation of 25 jewelery artists, including Fedra de Faria. December, Brasiliana Gallery, São Paulo.

2015 Collaborator in the curatorship of Denise Mattar at the traveling exhibition Masters of Spontaneous Art. SESI, in 5 cities in the interior of São Paulo.

2015 Curatorship of the exhibition The Happy Realism of Sergio Vidal. Brasiliana Gallery, São Paulo.

2014 Collaborator in the curatorship of Denise Mattar at the exhibition In the Hammock Balance. Espaço da Caixa Cultural, Rio de Janeiro.

2014 Collaborator and partner of California120 Ateliê Escola in the exhibition Intimate Pieces, Brazilian Contemporary Jewelry, with the show of pieces by 33 artists, including Fedra de Faria. December, Brasiliana Gallery, São Paulo.

2013 Producer and curator, in partnership with Roberto Rugiero, of the exhibition Hidden Treasure, Popular Brazilian Painting. Approved by MINC and coordinated by Edgard Steffen Junior.