Born in Recife in 1945. Worked as a nurse to the Modernist artist Vicente do Rego Monteiro and this contact encouraged him to become an artist.

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In the seventies, the poet Joaquim Cardozo and the writer Hermilo Borba Filho dedicated some of their texts to him. He was a highlight at the XXIII Biennale of São Paulo and his work was used in the publicity poster for that event.

His work is among the surrealism and unusual art (concept created by curator Walter Zanini and related to art brüt)

Prices: The paintings and spontaneous art by Alcides dos Santos have been steadily increasing in value and these figures are only approximate. In October 2016, Alcides dos Santos’ paintings were appraised to be between 1,500 and 7,000 dollars. To find out the current price and availability of some of the works offered here, please contact us.